This page details how to add OverCloud support to various other assets.
If you need help integrating OverCloud into your pipeline, make a post in the forum thread or get in contact with me directly.

Crest Ocean System

1. Open Crest/Crest/Shaders/Ocean.shader
2. On line 214, under '#include "Lighting.cginc"', add:
    #include "Assets/OverCloud/OverCloudInclude.cginc"
3. Comment out line 474 (the one that says 'UNITY_APPLY_FOG(input.fogCoord, col);') and instead, replace it with the lines:
    float4 col4 = float4(col, 1.0);
    OVERCLOUD_FRAGMENT_FULL(col4, uvDepth, input.worldPos)
    OVERCLOUD_OCEAN_BASE(col4, uvDepth, input.worldPos)
    col = col4.rgb;

Lux Water

1. Open LuxWater/Shaders/Includes/LuxWater_Setup.cginc
2. Comment out the '#define FOG_EXP2' and add (anywhere) the lines:
    #include "Assets/OverCloud/OverCloudInclude.cginc"
    #define FOG_OVERCLOUD
3. Open LuxWater/Shaders/Includes/LuxWater_Core.cginc
4. On line 1231 change the #endif to:
    #elif defined(FOG_OVERCLOUD)
        if (!backside) {
            #if defined (UNITY_PASS_FORWARDBASE)
                OVERCLOUD_FRAGMENT_FULL(c, i.grabUV.xy / i.grabUV.w, worldPos)
                OVERCLOUD_OCEAN_BASE(c, i.grabUV.xy / i.grabUV.w, worldPos)
            #elif defined (UNITY_PASS_FORWARDADD)
                OVERCLOUD_FRAGMENT_FULL_ADD(c, worldPos)
                OVERCLOUD_OCEAN_ADD(c, i.grabUV.xy / i.grabUV.w, worldPos)

AQUAS Water/River Set

Aquas uses multiple different shaders, and so you'll have to modify the one you want to use.
This example will cover how to modify the shader "2SidedTripleTextured".
For other shaders, look to replace the same code (at different lines).

1. Open AQUAS/Shaders/Water/Desktop&Web/2SidedTripleTextured.shader
2. On line 75, under '#include "UnityStandardBRDF.cginc"', add:
    #include "Assets/OverCloud/OverCloudInclude.cginc"
3. On line 314, comment out 'UNITY_APPLY_FOG(i.fogCoord, finalRGBA);' and replace it with:
    OVERCLOUD_FRAGMENT_FULL(finalRGBA, i.projPos.xy / i.projPos.w, i.posWorld.xyz)
    OVERCLOUD_OCEAN_BASE(finalRGBA, i.projPos.xy / i.projPos.w, i.posWorld.xyz)
4. On line 337, under '#include "UnityStandardBRDF.cginc"', add:
    #include "Assets/OverCloud/OverCloudInclude.cginc"
5. On line 540, comment out 'UNITY_APPLY_FOG(i.fogCoord, finalRGBA);' and replace it with:
    OVERCLOUD_FRAGMENT_FULL_ADD(finalRGBA, i.posWorld.xyz)
    OVERCLOUD_OCEAN_ADD(finalRGBA, i.projPos.xy / i.projPos.w, i.posWorld.xyz)


Is OverCloud compatible with <Insert asset here>?

If the asset uses opaque shaders which write depth information (like most geometry shaders), it should be compatible out of the box.
If the asset makes heavy use of transparent effects (volumetric lighting plugins, other atmosphere assets), you can pretty much assume that it is not compatible.

What about transparent particles and stuff?

These can be made compatible by modifying their shaders. The manual describes how to do this.

Can you make OverCloud compatible with <Insert favorite asset here>?

Maybe. Make a post in the forum thread or get in contact with me directly and I'll try my best.

Does/will OverCloud support HDRP/LWRP/URP?

No. Doing so would require a major rewrite of the asset.